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1. In Antarctica, there are small areas surrounded by ice caps but free from ice and snow. The air there is several degrees warmer than around. There are lakes in which small crustaceans and algae live, mosses and lichens grow, even several species of insects can be found there! The name that such territories have is more familiar to us from the stories of hot, not polar countries. What is this name?

Answer: OASIS

2. The boundary between which seas is considered a straight line drawn from Kanin Peninsula to Cape Svyatoy Nose?


3. You see topographic map symbols of shrubs, meadows, rare forests and loggings. Which letter belongs to the logging symbol?

Answer: D

4. The secretary of the Department of Physical Geography of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society, Prince Peter Alekseevich Kropotkin, wrote in 1871: “To the North of Novaya Zemlya there really should be land lying at higher latitude than Spitsbergen. This was indicated by the stationary state of the ice to the North-West of Novaya Zemlya and stones and mud found on the ice fields floating here ... " A few years later, the Austrian expedition of Karl Viprecht and Julius Payer discovered the predicted archipelago. What name did it receive?



Painting by Mikhail Lermontov

5. The prominent Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov visited the Caucasus several times: both in his childhood and adulthood. Not only did he devote his poems to the region, he also captured those in his paintings. Which city, located at the foot of Mashuk mountain, did the poet illustrate in this painting?


6. The name of which famous cave, located in Bashkortostan, according to one of the versions, can be derived from the Russian word with the meaning “influx, growth”, which in old times named stalagmite?


7. In the wild, these creatures from Mongolia became extinct by the mid-1940s. Fortunately, some of those, previously taken to zoos have been well bred in captivity, and since the 1980s, there have been attempts to return them to nature. One of these attempts is being implemented under the initiative of the Russian Geographical Society in the steppe Orenburg reserve. What kind of animals are these?

A) Kulans

B) Przhevalsky's horses

C) Mongolian Zerens

D) Saigas

Answer: B

8. This unique object is located in the Kurgan region, on the border with Kazakhstan. By its characteristics it is considered close to another, better well-known geographical object. Which one?

A) The Atacama Desert

B) Victoria Falls

C) Dead Sea

D) Loch Ness Lake

Answer: C

9. Which river basin does the Vishera River, which originates in the Northern Urals and flows into the Kama River, belong to?

A) Baltic

B) White

C) Caspian

D) Laptev

Answer: C

10. The musical group “Buranovsky Grandmothers” (Buranovskiye Babushki) received worldwide fame in 2012, having sung at the Eurovision Song Contest representing Russia. The chorus was performed in English. And in what language of the Finno-Ugric language group did they perform the couplets?

A) Altai

B) Tatarsky

C) Udmurt

D) Chuvash

Answer: C

11. Here is a list of cities:

A) Tver

B) Orel

C) Nizhny Novgorod

D) Yaroslavl

E) Kaluga

F) Ryazan

Some of the cities are on the Volga river (1), some are on the Oka river (2).

Distribute the cities to two lists (note that one city may be in both lists at the same time).

Answer: 1: А, C, D. 2: B, C, E, F


Photo: Alena Gagarina

12. Among the production centers of these products are Torzhok, Elets, Vologda. What are these products?

A) butter

B) lace

C) kettles

D) boots

Answer: B

13. Chairman of the Russian Geographical Society, Yuli Shokalsky, studied various issues of geography, but his main focus was on oceanography. He wrote the grand work "Oceanography" which was awarded prizes of the Russian and Paris Academies of Sciences. It was Shokalsky who introduced the term denoting all terrestrial seas and oceans as a whole into world science. Name the term in two words.


14. On the Baltic Spit there is the most western point of Russia - 19 degrees 38 minutes East longitude. Slightly more than half of the Baltic Spit belongs to Russia, and the rest belongs to another country. Which one?

Answer: POLAND

15. In which Russian city there are about eight hundred bridges including over two hundred pedestrian bridges? (the number of bridges is counted considering the suburbs)



16. The map shows four capitals of the republics of the Russian Federation: Abakan, Kazan, Petrozavodsk and Elista. Which letter stands for Kazan?

Answer: B

17. You see an amazing cliff "The Lion Gate" in the "Stolby" reserve near Krasnoyarsk. Which river can be seen from the gate?


18. These two rivers have short and similar names and belong to the Ob basin. They both gave the name to two Russian regional centers. Name these rivers.

Answer: OM AND TOM


Painting by Rufin Sudkovskiy

19. Crossing the Lateral Ridge of the Greater Caucasus, the Terek River forms a gorge. Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin in “Journey to Arzrum during the campaign of 1829” described it as follows: “The cliffs on both sides are like parallel walls ... not only you see it, but also feel a squeeze. A piece of sky turns blue over your head like a ribbon... Not far from the post, the bridge is boldly thrown across the river. You stand on it like on a mill. The bridge is shaking so much, and the Terek is noisy as wheels that drive a millstone.” What gorge are we talking about?


20. What is the name of the railway shown on the map?


21. Both Agidel and Belaya are the names of the same river in the Southern Urals. This river flows almost completely through one of the Russian republics. The capital of this republic is located on the river. Which republic are we talking about?

A) Bashkortostan

B) Ingushetia

B) Komi

D) Mari El

Answer: A

22. You see a table in which a specific numerical index is given for Kaliningrad, located on the Baltic Sea coast. The unit of measure is percent. How is this index called? (the answer should be in three words)




23. The Russian Geographical Society has been implementing a project called the Youth Club of the Russian Geographical Society since 2016. In any region of the country a club can be opened on the basis of any organization that will unite young people interested in geography, area studies, ecology and other related sciences.

Anyone can join the movement, including opening their own club. Detailed information is on our website

And what was the name of the legendary youth movement which existed under the auspices of the Geographical Society of the USSR in the 1970s-80s and was related to an unlimited field of research?

А) Geografyonok

B) Planet

C) Young Tourists

D) Researchers

Answer: B

24. The white night fell silently on the rocks

Glows white, white, white night long.

And I do not understand whether the sky has fallen into the lake,

Or the lake is floating in the sky.

What beautiful land did Maria Pakhomenko sing of in this song?


25. You see the coat of arms of an ancient Russian city. This city is the administrative center of the region that is famous for its feathered inhabitants. Name this city.

Answer: KURSK

26. From 1920s to 1940s, the Nizhny Novgorod plant “Krasnoye Sormovo” among other things produced tanks: during the war, about 12,000 units of “T-34” were made there. After the war submarines, including armed submarines with cruise missiles were produced. But the "Rocket", first produced by the plant in 1957, is a rather peaceful good. Answer in two words, what was it?


27. There are many ice fields in the Arctic that have been existent for over two cycles of growth and melting. If thickness of such ice is more than three meters, then it is usually called pack ice. And what can be said about the salinity of such ice considering a course of time?

A) it becomes more salty

B) it becomes less salty

C) the salinity of pack ice does not change;

D) salinity depends on external conditions

Answer: B

28. This city is first mentioned in Russian chronicles in 1135. And the city got the name because of the way the Novgorodians transported ships from the Lama River to the Voloshnia River. What is the name of the city?


29. You see a path which took 9 months to take. This path was not taken on foot, not by dog-sled, not by ship, nor even by plane. Name the leader of this expedition which was the first among its kind.



Photo: pixabay

30. Imagine: you are flying over the mainland from Anadyr to Moscow. In what sequence will you cross these rivers?

1) Yenisei

2) Kolyma

3) Lena

4) Ob

Answer: 2, 3, 1, 4.