The individual results of the international educational campaign are published on the website.

Each of the participants receives two results - for the first and second parts of the Dictation. The maximum result for the first part is 10 points, for the second - 30 points.

Dictation on the venue

Each participant was assigned an individual eleven-digit number, located in the upper right corner of the form, which is duplicated by a QR code. This number and the QR code duplicating it are also indicated in the form for additional entries, which remains with the participant after writing the Geographical dictation.

To get the result, you need to enter an individual eleven-digit number in a special field on the website or simply scan a QR code.

If the result is not available, the participant automatically leaves his request on the website After processing the request and uploading the form to the system by the venue organizer, the result will be sent to the participant's email address.

Appeals are not provided.

Each participant gets a Certificate of Participation from the organizer of the Dictation venue. If the participant does not receive the Certificate, he can apply directly to the organizer at the venue of the Dictation.

Dictation online

The results of writing the Dictation online are available to participants immediately after completing the Dictation tasks.

Issuance of certificates for passing the Online Dictation is not provided.