The Geographical Dictation – 2022: results published

Geodictation in the Krasnoyarsk House of Officers. Photo: Pavel Ashlapov

Russian Geographical Society publishes the results of the Geographical Dictation – 2022. From November 30, the final score of each participant will be available on the website.

The processing of forms will be completed within a month, so the results of the Dictation, written on venues, will appear gradually. In case of non-receipt of the final assessment, it is recommended to wait a little bit.

Диктант РГО в МГИМО. Фото: Игорь Окунев

Диктант РГО в МГИМО. Фото: Игорь Окунев
Dictation of the Russian Geographical Society at MGIMO. Photo: Igor Okunev

To get the results, it is enough to enter the 13-digit identification number assigned to each participant after registration. It was displayed on the screen during online testing and is indicated on a printed letterhead if you wrote Dictation on the venue.

Recall that the Geographical Dictation consisted of two parts: 10 basic level questions based on well-known facts, and 30 sophisticated tasks involving a broad outlook and a creative approach to determining the correct answer. For each part, participants are awarded 10 and 30 points, accordingly.

Also, participants who answered all the tasks correctly have the opportunity to express themselves. In order to do so, you have to send your formal name and a screenshot of your 13-digit identification number to the email

Previously, the Russian Geographical Society posted correct answers to all tasks of the Geographical Dictation – 2022. You can find them and re-test yourself without taking any risks, connected with losing valuable points.

In 2022, the Dictation was compiled in four versions, identical in degree of difficulty: basic, for the visually impaired, for the online format, and a demo version. The novelty of this year was a special adapted version for foreign participants which included questions from foreign partners of the Russian Geographical Society. This version was first translated into English, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, French and Hindi. Also, options for the visually impaired participants, as well as online and demo variants were available in English.


International educational campaign of the Russian Geographical Society in the Russian House in Beijing, the capital of China. Photo: Vitaly Shchepinin
International educational action of the Russian Geographical Society in the Russian Cultural Center in Beijing, the capital of China. Photo: Vitaly Shchepinin

In addition to assignments from experts from the Russian Geographical Society, the dictation included questions sent by participants of the annual international competition "Write your own question for the Geographical Dictation". Another innovation of the Geographical Dictation 2022 was that the main version was supplemented for the first time by questions sent by participants in a series of thematic competitions held in the spring and timed to coincide with the Year of Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Russia celebrated in our country.

Let us remind you that this year the educational campaign of the Russian Geographical Society was held for the eighth time. The dictation took place at noon on October 30 at in-person and remote venues. The event was attended by geography fanciers as well as famous participants of the intellectual TV games "Svoya Igra" and "Chto? Gde? Kogda?". In total, 8667 venues of the campaign were registered in Russia and 102 countries of the world.

For those who are unable to join the event on the venues the online version is available traditionally. This year it was possible to test your knowledge online from October 30 to November 10.