Going for a record! More than 10,000 venues registered

Photo: Sergey Karpukhin, participant of the RGS’s photo contest "The Most Beautiful Country"

For the first time, more than 10,000 venues joined the Geographical Dictation! Everyone will definitely be able to find a convenient venue for themselves: in Russia and abroad, on the ground and in the air, on every continent!

Traditionally, you can take the Dictation in schools, universities, museums, libraries, and other venues in an in-person or remote format.

Every year more and more exciting and interesting venues join the campaign. This year, for the first time, the Dictation will be taken in specially protected natural territory "Reserves of Taimyr" in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, in the tourist complex "Kingdom of Permafrost" in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the natural complex "VETRENO" in the Yaroslavl Region, armored train No. 13 "Tulskiy Rabochiy" (eng. “Tula Worker”), at the Kalinin NPP in the city of Udomlya, and in many other unusual places. For the first time, the event was joined by the Moscow Longevity Centers – the largest leisure spaces in Moscow, where older Muscovites will be able to take the Dictation. Not for the first time, the “Lastochka” trains travelling between Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow, the international children’s center “Artek”, and the Russian children’s center “Orlyonok” participate in the Geographical Dictation.

To become a participant, select the appropriate venue in the Geography of the Dictation section on the event’s website, and register in the specified way.

And if you want to fully experience the atmosphere of the Geographical Dictation, you can appreciate the scope of the educational campaign and test your geographical literacy at the Central Venue of the RGS:

  • in an in-person format at the Shuvalov Building of Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • and in a remote format. This platform will accommodate up to 10,000 fans of geographical brain teasers.

We would like to remind that the Geographical Dictation – 2023 will be held on November 19, at 12:00 local time. And for remote participation at the Central Venue, make an adjustment for Moscow time!

The Geographical Dictation is a great opportunity to test your knowledge of geography, broaden your horizons, and take part in an exciting event that unites geography lovers all over the world.

Do not miss the opportunity to take part in the large-scale event – the Geographical Dictation – 2023!