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1. The traveler has written down in his diary: “There is deep river valley in front of me with very steep, plumb slopes and narrow bottom which is completely occupied with the bed of the river”. What was described by the traveler?

А) Lagoon; B) Canyon; C) Fjord; D) Delta.

Answer: CANYON

2. Which of the seas provided below surely should be passed on the sailing line from the Mediterranean Sea to Azov Sea?

А) Barents Sea; B) Caspian Sea; C) Black Sea; D) Okhotsk Sea.


3. This cape is the extreme east continental point of Russia. There is obelisk devoted to the Russian Cossack pathfinder placed here. This cape is named after this pathfinder. What is this cape?

А) Cape of Dezhnev; B) Cape of Poyarkov; C) Cape of Khabarov; D) Cape of Chelyuskin.


4. The field of “super gigantic” mineral reserves is situated in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area. This field is named after the nearest settlement – the settlement of Urengoy. What mineral resource is extracted on this field?

A) Coal; B) Gas; C) Iron Ore; D) Oil.

Answer: GAS

5. The highest mountain top of the world is placed on the masterpiece of Nikolay Roerich. Famous Russian artist used two names of this mountain top in the title of this masterpiece. One of these names is Chomolungma. And what is the second one?

А) Elbrus; B) Mont Blanc; C) Everest; D) Kilimanjaro.


6. Which of these rivers flows through the territory of Russia?

А) Dnieper; B) Dniester; C) Danube; D) Darling.


7. Territory of which constituent units of the Russian Federation is not crossed by Arctic Circle?

А) Republic of Karelia;

B) Republic of Sakha | Yakutia;

C) Krasnoyarsk Region;

D) Vologda region.


8. Vases from Hermitage museum’s collection and internal decor of Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood are made of the malachite and jasper extracted in these mountains. Also this mountain group is considered to be the border between two parts of the world. Which mountain system are speaking about?

A) Sayan Mountains;

B) Ural Mountains;

C) Caucasus Mountains;

D) Altai Mountains.


9. What structure has been constructed in the second half of the last century near the city of Zeya located on Zeya River?

А) automobile plant; B) chemical plant; C) the most extended tunnel; D) hydroelectric power station.


10. Which of the cities listed below is not the seaport?

А) Vladivostok; B) Kurgan; C) Dudinka; D) Novorossiysk.

Answer: KURGAN


1. This island is washed by two seas – sea of Okhotsk and Japanese sea. Eldar Ryazanov and Vasily Katanyan made the documentary film about the history, nature and inhabitants of the island in 1954. What is this island?

А) Vaigach; B) Sakhalin; C) Iturup; D) Bolshevik.


2. Which of these lakes is the most remote from the Equator?

А) Baikal lake; B) Taimyr lake; C) Khanka lake; D) Onega lake.


3. What is the name of the poem of Russian poet Ivan Surikov, where you can read follow lines:

Two or three old willows
Have flashed before my eyes –
Again the waves of air
Fluctuate the grass.

А) “Taiga”; B) “Steppe”; C) “Tundra”; D) “Desert.”

Answer: “STEPPE”

4. Which of the groups of fields listed below is the largest iron ore basin in Russia?

А) Kuznetsk Basin;

B) West-Siberian Basin;

C) Iron ore belt of Labrador;

D) Kursk Magnetic Anomaly.


5. Which language family is the largest in Russia?

А) Afrazian; B) Indo-European; C) North Caucasian; D) Ural-Yukaghir.


6. There is the map of the route of the 1891 expedition in front of you. Expedition was headed by the geographer, the member of the Russian Geographical Society, the explorer of Siberia. Whose route is indicated on the map?

A) Semyon Dezhnev;

B) Gennady Nevelski;

C) Vladimir Obruchev;

D) Ivan Chersky.


7. With which geographical object can you make a phrase with the adjective “ravine”?

А) Forest; B) Waterfall; C) Volcano; D) Mountain Side.

Answer: FOREST

8. A marble slab with an ancient Russian inscription named “Tmutarakan Stone” was found on the Taman Peninsula in 1792. It indicates that Knyaz Gleb Svatoslavovich “measured the sea along the ice from Tmutorokan to Korchev”. And where did the measurements take place by the Knyaz's decree?

А) On the opposite banks of the Volga river;

B) On the Chudskoye Lake;

C) In the Kerch Strait;

D) On the Aral Sea.


9. The Russian name of the traditional dwelling of one the following nations is “saklia”. Select this nation from the list.

А) The Avars; B) The Mari; C) The Tuvinians; D) The Evenki.


10. The father was the chief of the Main Hydrographic Department of USSR. The cape, a glacier, the mountain and the gulf on the archipelago of Novaya Zemlya (New Land) were called after his name. His son also became the well-known hydrographer. He was the pathfinder of the Severnaya Zemlya (Northern Land). The father and the son were members of the Russian Geographical Society. Choose the correct family name of the father and the son from the list.

А) Pronchishchev; B) Chelyuskin; C) Vilkitskiy; D) Shelikhov.


11. There is the caves system in the upstream of the river Kudepsta on the territory of Sochi National Park. This cave system is famous for its stalactites. For instance, stalactite Rocket by name is more than six meters long. What is the name of this cave system where you can see this natural wonder?

А) Kungurskaya; B) Botovskaya; C) Vorontsovskaya; D) Kapova.


12. Kalan (Enhydra lutrius) is a predatory marine mammal from the weasel family (Mustelidae). It dwells on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Russia as well as Japan. Sometimes Kalan is called “a sea-otter” or “a beaver”, after the name of the peninsula. Select the correct name of the beaver from the list below:

А) Taimyr beaver; B) Yamal beaver; C) Kamchatka beaver; D) Angar beaver.


13. There is the list of constituent units of the Russian Federation in front of you:

1) Yamalo-Nenets;
2) Chukotskiy;
3) Nenetskiy;
4) Stavropolskiy;
5) Transbaikalskiy;
6) Permskiy;
7) Primorskiy;
8) Khanty-Mansi.

Which of the variant listed below consists of the autonomous areas.

А) 1,2,3,6;

B) 2,5,6,7;

C) 4,5,7,8;

D) 1,2,3,8.

Answer: 1,2,3,8

14. If you rise above this city, you can see the sea coast and a large number of newly built sports facilities. What is this city?

А) Novorossiysk; B) Yekaterinburg; C) Murmansk; D) Sochi.

Answer: SOCHI

15. There are such objects as “Perja” (“Plumage”), “Ded” (“Grandfather”), “Babka” (“Grandmother”), “Vnuk” (“Grandson”)... are situated on the territory of this natural reserve. What is the name of this natural reserve?

А) “Tumby” (“Cabinets”);

B) “Stolby” (“Pillars”);

C) “Kamni” (“Stones”);

D) “Razvaliny” (“Ruins”).

Answer: “STOLBY” (“PILLARS”)

16. What did Ivan Krusenstern and Yuri Lisyansky – the Sea Cadet Corps fellow students – become famous for?

A) They were the first Russians to circumnavigate the globe;

B) They have passed the Northern Sea Route;

C) They have founded the Russian America;

D) They have discovered a strait between the Arctic and Pacific Oceans.


17. Upstairs all, comrades, and all get the place! The latest parade is coming... No enemy routs our proud “Varyag”, Nobody for mercy is clamming. In which sea legendary cruiser and gunboat “Koreyets” (“Korean”) accepted their final fight?

А) White; B) Red; C) Black; D) Yellow.

Answer: YELLOW

18. The colors of the coat-of-arms mean the polar night and the polar day as well as the richness of the seas where the fishermen earn the living. The silhouette of fish symbolizes the basic industry, gold eyes and gills – wildlife force. The silhouette of the transport vessel says that this is a large seaport. And the fluttering truncated pennant symbolizes the Aurora Polaris (Polar Light) and emphasizes the geographical location of this city behind the Polar Circle. Whose is this coat-of arms?

А) Taganrog; B) Murmansk; C) Kaliningrad; D) Nakhodka.


19. In what chronological order these trips were made?

1) to Chukotka (Chukot Peninsula) by Semyon Dezhnev;
2) Voyage beyond three seas by Athanasius Nikitin;
3) to the Novaya Zemlya (New Earth) by Vladimir Rusanov;
4) Central Asian expeditions to Tien Shan by Nikolay Przhevalsky.

А) 1-3-4-2;

B) 2-4-1-3;

C) 2-1-4-3;

D) 2-1-3-4.

Answer: 2-1-4-3

20. There are four conditional symbols which are applicable on the topographical maps. Find the symbol that became the victim of an armed attack in the famous novel “Don Quixote”.


21. Which settlement, according to one version, owes its name to large deposits of chalk?

А) Belgorod;

B) Kamen’-na-Obi (Stone-on-Ob);

C) Bolshoy Kamen’ (Big Stone);

D) Staroye Melkovo (Old Melkovo).


22. This city, located behind the Northern Polar Circle, has a unique complex of industrial enterprises with a full cycle of metal production. Among other things, the city accounts for more than a third part of the world's palladium production. Select this city from the list.

А) Apatity; B) Norilsk; C) Moscow; D) Miass.


23. Forests and tundra, rivers and lakes, rocky Arctic islands, monasteries, national parks... The center of the region was the main international port of Russia for a long time. Which region of Russia is questioning about?

А) Arkhangelsk region; B) Voronezh region; C) Leningrad Region; D) Republic of Tyva.


24. Four Pacific ports of Russia are indicated on the map under A, B, C, D. Which letter indicates Magadan?

Answer: B

25. The Ulyanovsk branch of the Russian Geographical Society together with the Youth Club of RGS annually holds the geographical festival named after the book of Ivan Alexandrovich Goncharov. This writer was born in Simbirsk city – as Ulyanovsk city was called at that time. What is the name of the festival?

А) “Oblomov”;

B) “Obryv” (“The Precipice”);

C) “A Common Story”;

D) "Frigate "Pallada".


26. This year marks the 125th anniversary of the birth of the famous naturalist writer, the member of the Russian Geographical Society. “The First Hunt”,”Tomtit’s Calendar”, “Mouse Pieck” are among his works. What is the name of the writer?

А) Vitaliy Bianki;

B) Leonid Sabaneev;

C) Nikolai Sladkov;

D) Vladimir Soloukhin.


27. Regular contest of the Russian Geographical Society "The most beautiful country” took place in 2018. The photo "Duluk” by Andrey Podgorytov have reached the winner-list. The photo shows a snow ram living on the Putorana Plateau. In which region of Russia this Plateau is located?

А) Krasnodar Region;

B) Krasnoyarsk Region;

C) Perm Region;

D) Stavropol Region.


28. In 2019, 200 years have been celebrated since the beginning of the First Russian Antarctic Expedition led by Faddey Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev. On their way from Antarctica, the discoverers visited an island in Oceania, where they were received by King Pomare II. The painter of the expedition, Mikhailov, had illustrated the breakfast at the King. Select this island from the list.

А) Madagascar; B) Tahiti; C) Cuba; D) Greenland.

Answer: TAHITI

29. Which river serves as the main source of water use for Novovoronezhskaya (New Voronezh’s) NPP?

А) Volga; B) Dnieper; C) Don; D) North Dvina.

Answer: DON

30. In 1941, during the first months of the war, Konstantin Simonov was a military correspondent on the western borders of the Soviet Union. One of his most famous poems is addressed to the poet Alexey Surkov, his fellow, and dedicated to the roads of this region. Select this region from the list.

А) Kurgan region; B) Saratov region; C) Smolensk region; D) Chelyabinsk region.