Frequently asked Questions

How to become a participant of the Geographical Dictation?

To become a participant in the Geographical Dictation, you must register at an organized venue in your region. Choose any venue for the Dictation in your locality on the website in the section Dictation Geography. Check with the organizers for the conditions of registration at the venue (by phone, e-mail, in person) and register. In 2023, the Geographic Dictation is held on November 19 at 12 noon local time.

I wrote a dictation on the venue, but I was not given a certificate of participation. What should I do?

The certificate of the participant is issued directly on the venue after the Dictation in offline format. If the Dictation was held in a remote format, then the participant's certificate is sent to the participant's e-mail.

If for some reason you did not receive it, you need to:

1. Find the venue where you wrote the Dictation on the website (tab "Dictation Geography").

2. Communicate with the Contact Person for interaction with the participants of the venue where you wrote the Dictation, by phone or e-mail.

3. Request a certificate of participation in the Dictation (in printed or electronic form).

Where and when can I get the results of writing a Dictation?

You can find out your results of writing the Dictation in offline format on the website starting from December 12, 2023.

To do this, in the field "Enter the number of the form" you need to enter the personal identification number (13 digits) assigned to you on the venue. You can find the ID number on the slip of paper that you have taken with you.

When writing a Dictation in a remote format, each participant will be able to find out their result using their individual thirteen-digit number (or by a QR code).

How can I register a venue for Dictation?

You can register a venue for the Dictation only online on the project website. Please, before proceeding with the venue registration, carefully read the Regulations on the Dictation.

Can I immediately register on the website a venue for the remote format due to the poor epidemiological situation in my region?

You must register the venue in the usual format (open or closed). If you decide to conduct the Dictation in a remote format, then in the paragraph "Terms of Participation" be sure to indicate the sample filling in when conducting the Dictation remotely.

Please note: for the organizer of the venue, access to the corresponding checkbox in the corresponding menu item is closed. Only Dictation managers can check the box in the application. If you decide, due to the deterioration of the epidemiological situation, to transfer the venue to a remote format closer to the dictation date, be sure to inform the dictation managers by phone or e-mail.

How to pass the Geographical dictation in a remote format?

After November 5, 2023, the participant receives in any convenient way an individual address (link) for holding a remote Dictation on this venue in online mode from the organizer of the venue. The link is valid for a limited period of time: from 12 to 13 local time on November 19, 2023. The participant, using that individual link, enters the page for passing the Dictation. The first 15 minutes are allotted for the welcome speech of the host of the Dictation, a small virtual quiz, an explanation of the rules and filling out the Questionnaire for the participant of the Dictation. After filling out the Questionnaire, the participant proceeds directly to the Dictation tasks, presented in the form of a video presentation voiced by well-known media persons.

From the moment of transition to the tasks of the Dictation, the countdown of the time required for its passage begins. The duration of the Dictation is 45 minutes. After filling out the Questionnaire, the participant receives a thirteen-digit unique (individual) code, which is also the number of the form. This code should be saved immediately and used in case of a connection break during the passage of the Dictation. It will also be valid until 13:00 local time. In the event of a disconnection, to restart the Dictation, you should use the received individual thirteen-digit code. The link previously issued by the site will not be valid for the IP address from which the participant logged in. In case of re-entering the system due to technical problems, the participant receives 45 minutes again to complete the Dictation (the presentation will start from the beginning).

Where can the organizer of the venue find an individual address (link) for passing the dictation in a remote format?

An individual address (link) is formed in the venue description (visiting card), it is different for each venue. The dictation managers do not send a link to the venue organizer by e-mail. The organizer of the venue copies the individual address and sends it to all participants registered on the venue by e-mail.

I already registered the venue last year and in 2023 I want to become the organizer of the Dictation again. Do I need to completely fill out the application form on the website again?

No, this is not necessary. Log in to your personal account under an existing login and in the "Actions" section opposite last year's application, select the "copy" function. Please check the correctness and relevance of the transferred data and their compliance with the new application form. Make the appropriate changes if necessary. Please note that an up-to-date 2023 Letter of Guarantee must be attached to the application.

How can I register potential Dictation participants on the venue?

The venue organizer keeps record of its participants in any convenient way, accepts applications from those wishing to take a dictation on the venue and compiles a list in any form. Registration of participants on the dictation website is not provided, and there is no need to send a list to the dictation mail and register participants using the link that the organizer receives to pass the dictation remotely.

How can I inform potential Dictation participants about it?

The venue independently decides on how to inform potential participants of the Dictation (announcements, placement of advertising materials on the organization's website, in social networks, mailing lists).

I created a user account on the website and left the application for placing the Dictation venue. Where can I find out the status of my application?

The term for consideration of an application for registration of a venue is seven working days. The status of consideration of the application is displayed in the personal account in the "Status of inclusion in the List of venues" section.

Can I conduct Dictation on the venue on any other day, except November 19, using the materials provided by the organizers?

In 2023, the Dictation will take place on November 19 at 12:00 local time. Conducting the Dictation on any other day or at a time different from the time stated in the Regulations is not allowed. For everyone who, for whatever reason, will not be able to attend the venue on November 19, or write a Dictation in a remote format, it is possible to write an Extra variant online at This option will be open from 14.00 November 19 to 14.00 December 1, 2023 Moscow time.

Can I register a venue after November 5, 2023, when the venue registration ends?

No, in accordance with the Regulations on the Geographical Dictation - 2023, the registration of venues will last until November 5 inclusive. The ability to edit already registered venue information will remain.

I managed to submit an application before November 5, but my venue is not on the list. Will my application be considered?

All applications submitted before 23:59:59 November 5 will be considered. If the application is filled out correctly, the venue will be included in the list. In the event that clarification is required on the data you provided, we will contact you by phone or e-mail.