Geographical Dictation - 2022 held at the Moscow Headquarters of Russian Geographical Society

Geographical Dictation - 2022. Photo: Russian Geographical Society press service

On October 30th, 2022, the XVIII international educational campaign “Geographical Dictation” was held at its Central venue – the Moscow Headquarters of the Russian Geographical Society. The Senior Vice-President of the Society Nikolai Kasimov, member of the RGS Media Council Nikolai Drozdov, famous Russian scientists, participants in the television intellectual games “Own Game” and “What? Where? When?”, winners of the international competition “Write your question for the Geographical Dictation - 2022” and thematic blitz contests of the same name answered the Dictation questions at the RGS Media Studio.

In his welcoming speech, the Vice-President of the Russian Geographical Society Nikolay Kasimov recalled that over seven previous years about 2,5 million people in 122 countries participated in the campaign.

Speaking about the role of geography and the Dictation itself, he noted:

— By the beginning of the 21st century, quite a lot has been discovered on Earth and in Russia. What can be seen with one’s own eyes is discovered, still modern geography is primarily the study of processes and phenomena. Given the scale of Russia, it is not sufficiently measured, and geography in all its diversity will serve these goals. We need to know everything in order to keep moving forward.

For the first time, the tasks of the Dictation-2022 included questions by the winners of the series of blitz contests focused on the main topic of the year 2022 in Russia, which celebrates the Year of the Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Russia.

According to one of the winners of the blitz contest, Arina Dodilnaya from the Republic of Adygea, participation in the contest provides an opportunity to become part of a large project and tell the world about your homeland:

— The Republic of Adygea has a rich history, culture and nature, though it is not very popular. By offering my question about the republic, I wanted to draw attention to it and get people interested in studying it.

At the end of the Dictation, the awarding ceremony took place. Schoolchildren, students, journalists, engineers and teachers of geography are among winners of the international competition of questions and thematic blitz contests of 2022.

The awards were presented by the guests of honor of the Dictation, who are namely a connoisseur of the game “What? Where? When?” Dmitry Avdeenko and a participant in the game “Own Game” Anatoly Wasserm. The winners of the competitions received personal certificates, gift certificates that allow them to pay for any tour in Russia, individually picked up by the RGS order, and a gift set from the Society.

Also, via videoconference, the winner of the international competition “Write a slogan for the Geographical Dictation - 2022” Alexandra Sapozhnikova from the city of Turinsk, Sverdlovsk region, joined the Central venue of the Dictation. She will soon receive a watch, a personal certificate and a gift set from the Russian Geographical Society.

The results of the Geographic Dictation, written at in-person and remote venues on October 30th, will be known after November 30th. In order to find out the number of points received, participants need an identification number or a QR code, placed on the note form of the Dictation.

From 2 p.m., October 30th, to 2 p.m. (Moscow time), November 10th, an online version of the Dictation is available on the website

You can test knowledge of geography at any time, and the number of attempts is not limited. The Dictation online does not require registration, and the result is known immediately after finishing the test.

The Dictation online includes two blocks of questions: 10 easy ones and 30 more complicated tasks. Participants have 45 minutes to complete the test. The result is shown immediately after completing all the tasks, and if you are not satisfied, take the test again.

Please note that the issuance of a certificate for participation in the Dictation online is not provided.

We wish all participants good luck!